Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden 

with Jessica Walliser

There's no doubt about it. Pests are the biggest, most challenging problem faced by vegetable gardeners. We dedicate our time, money, and energy to growing our own fresh vegetables and fruits, and it's so disappointing to see our hard work gobbled up by a hungry pest. But, most gardeners also want to be good stewards of the earth. We don't want to pollute our land with toxic pesticides or risk harming pollinators and other beneficial insect species. 

If you want to know how to manage pests like slugs, squash bugs, cucumber beetles, cabbage worms, flea beetles, hornworms, and dozens of others responsibly, efficiently, inexpensively, and without synthetic chemical sprays, this 2 hour 30 minute online course has all the answers you're looking for!

What's Included in This Course


Created and hosted by horticulturist Jessica Walliser, author of the award-winning books Good Bug Bad Bug and Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, this in-depth course details how to manage common vegetable garden pests naturally. 


  • Features an easy-to-follow, step-by-step pest management plan to protect your homegrown harvests. 
  • Information on how to use physical pest barriers, screens, and traps as a frontline of defense against everything from Japanese beetles to squash vine borers.
  • Tips for designing and laying out your vegetable garden so it is less welcoming to pests
  • Includes: pest prevention strategies, direct control measures, effective companion planting methods, details on the best organic products to use, and even info how to use beneficial insects to battle pests. 
  • Meet dozens of vegetable garden pests and see them in their different life stages so you can properly ID them and keep their populations in check.
  • Your instructor is a horticulturist and former organic market farmer who has faced (and overcome!) just about every pest out there.
  • BONUS: Detailed downloadable handouts for every session include helpful charts, resources, product links, and extra pest profiles!


Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden allows you to enjoy a healthier, more productive vegetable garden, without the use of synthetic chemical products. 

Hear more about the course from its instructor (and bug nerd) Jessica Walliser


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Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden

$47 USD

The course includes eight on-demand sessions you can access at any time and as many times as you'd like, as well as detailed handouts with more information to protect your vegetable garden from pests.

  • Session 1: What does it mean to be organic & how to identify pests. (12 minutes) 
  • Session 2: Designing your vegetable garden to be pest resistant. (14 minutes)
  • Session 3: Using physical and mechanical controls against pests. (25 minutes)
  • Session 4: How to use trap cropping to trick pests. (14 minutes)
  • Session 5: Science-based companion planting and how it works. (17 minutes)
  • Session 6: Using beneficial insects to help control pests. (22 minutes)
  • Session 7: The best organic product controls for the veggie garden. (16 minutes)
  • Session 8: ID tips and quick controls for 12 common pests. (30 minutes)
I'm Ready to Say Goodbye to Garden Pests!

More About Your Instructor

Jessica Walliser is a horticulturist and the award-winning author of seven gardening books, including the Amazon best-seller Good Bug Bad Bug, two editions of Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, and her newest book, Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden. Jessica is a two-time winner of the prestigious American Horticultural Society’s Book Award.

For 15 years, Jessica contributed two weekly columns to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review where she had the pleasure of covering a wide range of gardening topics. She was also the long-time co-host of The Organic Gardeners, an award-winning program on KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jessica has a degree in horticulture from the Pennsylvania State University and is the former owner of a 25-acre organic market farm.

She is also the Editorial Director for The Quarto Group’s gardening imprint, Cool Springs Press.

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