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Meet Niki Jabbour, Tara Nolan, and Jessica Walliser. We are three gardening authors and experts who are here to help your garden thrive!

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How to Build and Use Mini Hoop Tunnels in the Vegetable Garden 

Join year-round vegetable gardener Niki Jabbour for How to Build and Use Mini Hoop Tunnels in the Vegetable Garden. Niki demonstrates how to use mini hoop tunnels to extend the season earlier in spring and longer in autumn. She even uses these simple structures to harvest cold-season vegetables all winter long! You’ll also learn how mini hoop tunnels can prevent pests—big and small—from damaging or destroying your crops. This in-depth online course will help you grow a healthier and more productive food garden.

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Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden

Horticulturist Jessica Walliser hands you all the tools you’ll need to grow a productive edible garden without using synthetic chemical pesticides in Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden. Jessica's step-by-step program shows food gardeners how to use a combination of preventative- and action-based methods to tackle common pests like squash bugs, cucumber beetles, slugs, vine borers, aphids, and many others. Useful organic product controls are introduced, as well as techniques such as using physical barriers, companion plants, and more.

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Raised Bed Basics: Tips to Getting Started Building a Raised Bed Garden

Tara Nolan, author of the best-selling Raised Bed Revolution shares her learnings and tips in her online course: Raised Bed Basics: Tips to Get Started Building a Raised Bed Garden. This course is designed for those considering a raised bed project for the first time. Discover the multiple benefits to raised bed gardening and figure out the perfect location for your new garden(s). Tara shares a range of design ideas for new and experienced DIYers. As part of your course materials, you'll receive a free raised bed plan.

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